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I’m giving up my quiet time.

It’s true. I have decided to give up my 30 minutes in the morning with God…at least for a while.

Will I still read the Bible in the morning?  Probably. Will I still talk to God on my morning walk? For sure. What I won’t do is sit down for 30 minutes with my tea and my agenda and have “time with God.”

No, I’m not backsliding. I am responding to some recent messages I’ve heard; one from Pastor Aaron and the other from a book I’m reading, Signs of Life. The problem as I see it is not the quiet time itself–it’s the “setting aside” part that is the issue. I don’t want to compartmentalize my life with God from my life. I don’t know if my routine time in the morning causes this or not, so I’m doing this experiment. I’m giving up my daily scheduled quiet time and asking God to speak to me throughout the day. I am looking for God-moments and opportunities to pray, worship, listen, and talk to and about Him…I’m hopeful that I will gain a new awareness throughout my day in areas I may have left Him out of before. I want Him to know that He is way more to me than 30 minutes in the morning and some reading at night. I want Him to invade every part of my day and to know that He is welcome to.

Are you open to spontaneous God-moments today?