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Ever wish you had an important ministry?

 Have you ever thought, “I wish I had a ministry?” Have you ever wished you could do something exciting like smuggling Bibles into China, rebuilding homes in New Orleans, traveling on missions trips to foreign countries, or spearheading that global evangelism outreach that no one has even thought of yet? As news headlines catch our attention, the end seems eminent; it seems we should be doing something!

For me, I’d like to just keep up with my current projects…and have the foresight to plan dinner. (That would be a global event in our home!) There are so many times when I feel that even though I’m doing all God’s called me to, it’s just not enough. Certainly there must be something bigger He wants me to do; not just care for my home and family, encourage others, love and pray for my family, live a life of compassion and being an example to others. Certainly there must be more…

I remember reading about Susannah Wesley and how each day she prayed, “Dear God, guide me. Help me do Thy will. Make my life count.” Did she have any idea that God was answering her prayer as she made dinner and taught her children to love God? Did she have any idea that her life and influence would touch nations and impact millions of lives? I doubt it. Read on: “Samuel Wesley, Susannah’s husband was certainly correct when he told her, ‘Some of the truly great people are the ones who were faithful in doing simple things.'” (Susannah Wesley by Charles Ludwig, page 89) It’s not about the vastness of our ministry; it’s about our faithfulness to it.

The often quoted verse says it so well, “Well done, you upright (honorable, admirable) and faithful servant! You have been faithful and trustworthy over a little…” (Matthew 25:21 AMP). Be it caring for a sick child or parent, befriending a neighbor, serving our mates, maintaining a good attitude. Each of these by themselves may seem insignificant, yet they comprise the fullness of God’s will. Our faithfulness in even the small things can bring a big degree of satisfaction, and is all God really desires from us. Do you have a hard time accepting that? I know I do—at times. And then I get a note from a friend reminding me that God is pleased with me. That my faithfulness has not gone unnoticed. Wow.

Today I give you the same message! God is pleased with you. He’s not saying, “Why doesn’t she do more?” He’s saying, “Look how carefully she obeys me. Look how attentive she is to her home and family. Look how joyfully she cares for the little things I’ve given her to do.” Keep this in mind as you go about your day. Make time to be faithful in the little things, and never believe that they are insignificant or somehow not noticed by God! They are…


Thoughts on family…

**family: always keeping you on your toes or knees depending on what’s happening

This quote from Sarah really captures the essence of family life I think! Every family has their struggles, some major some not so major. As a parent, there is nothing harder–or more consuming–than going through challenges with my kids. Well, maybe going through struggles with my own parents–either way, my heart just hurts when those I love are going through something. Especially when I feel I am powerless to help.

Lord, help me to stay on my toes in these important relationships; to be Christlike and patient, firm but tender, available but not intrusive.  Help me to stay on my knees and never take for granted how much my family–each one of them–needs to be prayed for.

You have nothing to fear…

Don\'t be afraid of change

  • Life changed when I got married, but getting married was a good thing.
  • Life changed when I became a parent, but becoming a parent was a good thing.
  • Life changed drastically when I moved to Colorado, but moving’s been an exceedingly good thing.
  • Life changed when I started working outside the home, but working has been a good thing.
  • Life changed when my sons grew up and let home, but them moving on was a good (and necessary) thing.

LIfe is changing in places I want it to stay the same…and not changing in those areas I want (and need) it to so desperately. Yet, change when it comes always leads to a better thing–at least for those whom God calls His own.

That’s why we can be so sure that every detail in our lives of love for God
is worked into something good.”  
Romans (8:28 MSG)


An oldie but a goodie

Sorry Sean, I just have to post this old Cameron at Bay song. It’s really good! I like to words and the tune just gets in your head. (And I am being objective, not just cuz I’m your mom.) Take a second and listen…