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Am I faithful…or fearful?

“He said to them, Why are you so timid and fearful? How is it that you have no faith?”

Mark 4:40

 What does it mean to be faithful? I work in an organization where people have served 10…15…20…even 28 years! We have a reputation for becoming “lifers” here. This got me to thinking, will I be one? The answer is, IF God calls me to stay.  I pray I won’t stay simply out of convenience or in the name of faithfulness. It would be scary to leave, but I want to be faithful for the right reasons.

Senator Robert Byrd has been a Senator since January 3, 1959, serving the country for 40 years. Impressive.  Brett Favre quarterbacked from 1992 until 2008 when he retired, starting in 291 games. That’s faithfulness!  Still, when he returned to the field after his retirement, some of the zeal was gone, the spark and excitement that once was Brett Favre had dissipated. His faithfulness became painful to watch—I for one was ready for him to go quietly.  That’s the way it is!  Some people just don’t know when to quit. But sometimes they should! 

The ability to persevere is admirable; the inability to continue moving forward and embrace new seasons and new frontiers in life is not.  Sometimes we admire someone’s faithfulness, when in reality they are mostly fearful of letting go and taking a step toward something new. How can we tell if we are acting out of faithfulness or fear? This is really the question…

To begin with, true faithfulness should be grounded in faith. (Sounds reasonable, doesn’t it?)  Faithfulness believes that God is going to do something as a result of our efforts. If we have lost this expectation, it could be we are holding on to what God did in the past, not looking forward to what He wants to do today and in the future. If somehow we believe the best is behind us, we may need to ask ourselves, am I remaining faithful for the right reasons?

Also, I believe faithfulness should produce fruit. If we are persevering in faith we should see new crops and fresh growth in everything we do. Psalms 1 says we: “will bring forth its fruit in its season, [our] leaf also shall not wither; And whatever [we do] shall prosper.” There must be fruit throughout our season of faithfulness.  If we can’t identify the fruit of our efforts, or see any recent growth, this could be a sign that our season to remain faithful is drawing to a close.  Perhaps God is trying to get your attention to ask you to pursue something entirely different with Him.

Another trait of true faithfulness is action. Faithfulness should not be just a passive, enduring existence. There may be times when you feel God has put you on the shelf for a season, and He holds you back from doing the one thing you feel called to do. He may even ask you to remain faithful when nothing is happening in your circumstances. However, this does not mean He requires nothing from you during the wait!  He asks us to give thanks at all times, to love our neighbors, to work heartily for Him, and to look for opportunities to bless those around us. We cannot use the idea of being faithful to excuse not doing all we can when we can.

I don’t want to confuse faithfulness with seniority. Does God really look at years of service the way we do, I wonder. Is pure faithfulness or “steadfastness” always the basis for spiritual promotion? I’m not sure.  At least not as we often define faithfulness. Perhaps he looks at our hearts to see why we have persevered, and if we are remaining faithful in what He called us to, not just what is comfortable and familiar to us.

These are tough questions I think. As a person who has worked in a ministry setting for just 13 years, I can tell you I recognize the difference in my own life. I have stuck with a ministry longer than I should have because I loved what I was doing. I loved reaching people, hearing how I was helping their lives. I saw fruit at every turn. BUT when God was done with it, I had to move on regardless of what strokes it gave me and how much I would miss it. Working in a ministry position is no different. Just because you can stay in a position, or have for many years, doesn’t mean that’s all God has for you.  When He starts tugging at your heart, don’t ignore Him in the name of faithfulness.  We can’t let our fear or comfort hinder the work God wants to do in our lives. Continue reading


Great Bible Study from Sarah

This little book is RICH, RICH, RICH in loving Jesus, knowing Jesus & growing in Him.
Pastor Sarah on Philippians

Pastor Sarah’s post on the book of Philippians is great! She is using multi-media tools to help her team/staff go deeper in God’s Word. It’s great not to just be told that…but to be empowered to do that. Even if you aren’t part of the MHM/wc staff…you will enjoy this study. Watch for updates every Tuesday…

Can you deliver the goods?

This ties in to JudiFree’s discussion on making your way in a company or organization that is going through major changes.  As Christians, we feel it is wrong to toot our own horn. We also profess that promotion comes from the Lord. So what does that leave us to do in a competetive work environment?

I think this thought from InProv gives great direction:

Are You One Who Can Deliver The Goods? 

God has given us His goods. And He gave us His goods that we might do business with them. He gave us His goods so that we might use them to serve others, to show them the way to life! Matthew 20:28 says Jesus “did not come to be served, but to serve.” Luke 19:10 says, “The Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost.” If you become a man or woman who is known to deliver the goods (His goods!), then everywhere you go you will experience His favor. Why? It is because people who sit in darkness desperately want to see light. The hopeless are looking for hope.                   From InProv’s website

We set ourselves apart through SERVICE. We can define ourselves by finding the NEEDS within our organization and striving to fill those needs. Often times, higher ups and those in leadership may not be able to clearly see those needs.  It takes one who is in the thick of it to see where weaknesses lie and then offer ideas for making them strengths. YOU be the one to observe, give input, and be WILLING TO DO THE WORK, and you will become invaluable to your company.